Worst days of my life

College life is one of the best life for every youngster. All the youngsters want to enjoy the college life. It is the unique and unusual experience which must be experienced by everyone. People become more social after joining the college but most of the mistakes are done in college life only.

Students get into the relationship and start having the affair and dating each other. They bunk their classes, hang around here and there, watch movies and spend time with each other. Because of all these they don’t give attention to their studies and they fail in the exams. This kind of situation once came in my life also.

During my graduation, First year I was very good in studies and scored highest in my department. But in second year my company changed and I became the part of bad company. I started doing all those activities which were taking me away from the studies. I started taking drugs and also started bunking classes. This started affecting my carrier. Whole of my life got spoilt. I started roaming around in drinking and smoking. I started losing my interest in studies. Now I became the back bencher from the first bencher. My whole concentration was lying in creating disturbance and nuisance in the class. I lacked my confidence also regarding studies. Then I realized that this whole thing was affecting my life badly and I challenged myself to get rid out of it.

One should never lose hopes in life. Adopting bad habits are easier than to tackle the problem. This is good and gives you happiness for short term but is harmful for long term.

By doing this I again built my confidence. Now my concentration is more in studies than on anything else. I could have never shared this with my family but if you think that I am right then please sent comments on the post.