Wrong step in my life

My name is Tajinder (changed Name ) . I am from Bathinda. I am of thirty five years old. I am married and have a son also. I do job in a company where as my wife is a school teacher. Six years have passed to my marriage. After four years of our marriage. God blessed us with a baby boy. My father is in air force and mother is a house wife. I have joint family. Few months back, I was going at my wife’s school to bring her back in the home. She introduced me with one of her friend who was doing job with her in the same school and had become a very good friend of her. She was extremely beautiful. She too was married. But the divorce case was going on between she and her husband. I was very impressed by her beauty and way of talking. I was surprised to think that how a guy whose wife is so beautiful could think of leaving her.

After a week since I met her while taking my wife from the school, I received a call from a number. That call was of that lady who was my wife’s friend. She stared talking to me. I was trying a lot to impress me through the phone I did not tell anything about it to my wife. One day, that lady called me in the restaurant. I went there she told me there that she is deeply in live with me and want to marry me. I told her that I am married and have a baby also. But she told that she has not any objection regarding that. After that she took me in the room o the hotel and we spent two hours over there. Really, she had made much place in my heart by talking to me.

She discussed with me the whole incidents linked to her life. She told me that her husband is not a good guy. He takes drugs and often beats her. So she wants to take divorce from him. After that we started calling each other daily. Even at night, when my wife was sleeped, I often used to talk to her on phone really; I had lost control over myself while seeing her for the first time. My wife was completely unaware of what was going on between me and her. We often used to meet each other at restaurant and spent time in each other’s company I started thinking that my wife could not give me as much love as that lady is giving me.

One day, she planned for leaving the place where we were living and settling at some another place. But I said ‘no’ to her because I had not any sort of intention like that. But she told me that if I do not settle anywhere else with her then she would tell everything linked to it to my wife. I took time from her of one week. After that she suggested me for going to Delhi and settling over there. I had collected huge money from the home along with the jewellery of my wife. So I ran away with her leaving my baby and wife behind
I bought a flat to live at that place I provided her every comfortable thing which I could provide. Now two years have passed since. I left my wife. I often remember about my wife and baby and feel myself guilty of leaving them. Now I have a baby girl I have started doing job in Delhi and I am comfortable in life but often feel myself guilty for leaving my family. I often think how they would have reacted when they came to know that I have left them for a lady. But now I do not have anything in my hand to do.

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