Bye Bye Face Book

My name is Ananya (Changed Name ) . I am from Maharashtra. I am from very hi-fi family. I want to narrate my life before you. My marriage took place just before one year. My husband is a farmer and has good property on his credit. My father was a worker in a company. Before my marriage I was ultra modern girl. As I was the single child of my family, my parents did not resist me doing anything. They fulfilled my every demand when I grew up and started going in to the college, I got addicted to face book. I spent most of my time chatting with my friends. And they were approximately thousand in numbers whenever I bought new dress, I got my snap clicked and uploaded it on my profile. There were daily 500 or 600 likes on my photos and I liked it too much. Some remarks were very sensible but some were vulgar. But I never thought of discontinuing my this very activity. I always desired of continuing it. In reality also my friend circle was very large. I was in the habit of going in to the clubs and coming late at nights as this happens in big cities. My family too was ultra modern and they never resisted any of my activity.

After completing any graduation my parents started thinking about my marriage. There were hundreds of suitors for me as I was exceedingly beautiful. But every time I said ‘no’ to my family for the marriage because I was independent minded girl and thought that after marriage my liberty would be snatched from me. After my post graduation, my parents became extra conscious for letting me marry off. Now they decided to got me married as early as possible. Some body suggested my father a guy who was living in a village. First of all, my parents rejected but when they came to know that boy is smart and has good property on his credit and has good habits they got ready for my marriage with him. I too was thinking how would I adjust in that family which was in village as I was ultra modern.

Somehow the date of my marriage was fixed and I got marry over there. First of all I got much adjustment problem. I had never seen a village prior to it but now I had become a permanent member of it. Sometimes I even decided of leaving this home and in my own home. But when I felt that family is exceedingly innocent, caring and co- operative then I left that idea. My husband too is very co-operative. But I often miss my daily routine which was prior to my marriage. I miss my face book friend’s a lot. My husband although is very nice but would not allow me to continue friendship with guys on face book and wear this clothes which I used to wear before marriage. Although I can not continue my friendship with my face book friends but I always keep them in heart. I do not want to in leave them but it is just my limitation. So I am saying good bye to face book for ever.

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