Suicide – fun story

My name is Arihant (Changed Name ) . I am from Chennai. I want to share an experience linked to my life which gave me insight and forced me to live and due to that very incident I am living and writing now. Before two years I had friendship with a girl whose name was Taniya (Changed Name). She was very intelligent and clever although not very smart. I started liking her I do not know what was in her which was pulling me toward her. During my college life I did not think about any other girl except her. I was hundred percent loyal to her.

I daily called her and took her in many restaurants for eating and enjoying. I spent money on her whole heartedly. I never say ‘no’ to anything which she ever demanded. She was every thing for me. My life, my partner, my friend everything. I could never imagine of departing from her. But one day I saw her talking to some another guy in the college. In the beginning, I did not react to it. But with the passage of time her attachment started growing with him. Now I could often see her talking to that guy.

When I asked to her about it than she answered that there is nothing special between them and she was just discussing the matter related to the subject with him. I had full trust in her. So I did not query any more. But after one day my friend told me that she (my girl friend) is engaged with some other guy of our college. When I asked him to show me that guy. He showed me the same guy with whom I had often see her. He told me that she has even physical relations with that guy I was shocked at that time but I could not trust on it without any evidence so I told him to prove it if it is true.

He showed me some photograph which was making it clear that she (my girl friend) had relations with that guy. My friend had clicked those photographs in the restaurant where he had gone by chance with his girl friend. I could not sleep throughout the whole night after seeing these photographs. This thing was eating me from inside. So I could not concentrate my attention on thing. On that very night I decided of committing suicide. As I was completely broken. There was not any body to console me at that time. The girl who always consoled me in the miseries had given me the misery which was in bearable for me. In the morning I planned of eating insect killer.

I went in to the store room. When I was about to pick up the bottle of insect killer, many wasps attacked me I was swollen all over I started crying. My family came there running after listening me. They asked me what was I doing in the store room right in the morning. I told lie and said that I was finding my old book from the store which was of great interest to me. After few minutes my body was swollen over all. I was admitted in the hospital. My parents cared me a lot in the hospital. At that time I thought that I was about to leave my so caring parents just because of that petty girl. I left the idea of committing suicide. Had those wasps not stung me I would have reached either the heaven or hell. Now I want to suggest my guys that there is not any need to be emotional after break up. There is not the shortage of beautiful girls in this world. We should learn to start our life afresh every after sad incident as this world is the best place to enjoy. No body knows what happens after death.

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