I Sumit Saxena , used to be very dull and naughtiest student during my school days. I always blamed others behind my failures. In the whole school I hated only one girl. That was Shruti, my classmate. She always made me pointed in front of teachers for the things which


My wrong assumption

I was a student of class 12th that time. I and my friends group was so naughty. We always tried to make tricky plans and tease other students. It became our habit to disturb other students while studying. But in that naughtiness I made a biggest mistake. I and my


My Father’s teachings

My father had always taught me the lesson that life is struggle in which hardworking people never face failure. Keep doing hard work and it will give results soon. Today I believe the same thing when I have lost all my savings. When I grew up, I just wanted to


Individualism breaks everything

Today it is normally seen that people prefer to live in nuclear families. They think that being nuclear reduce our responsibilities towards the other family members. They feel good and relax to be nuclear. But actually it is not our Indian culture. This thing I realized that time when I

I was not grown up

People think that growing up is enough to handle the life. But it’s not so A grown up child can never be mature without the teaching of his parents. The same thing happened to me too. When I was just 14 years old that time.  I used to think that


I lost my Grandmother

Hello! I am Hitesh who was born in a remote area of Delhi. Today I’m 17 years old. In Delhi my father was working in a bank as a branch manager. I was only child of my loving papa and almost my entire family lavished its affection on me. All


I lost all my memory

Many times the faces of life are so typical and horrible that you can never expect to see. The same thing I experienced in my life. One day I went to college and was wondering with friends in the college campus during break. Suddenly a college boy was attacked with


Honesty is the best policy

Our parents from childhood teach us not to be dishonest to anyone. Honesty is the best policy. Then why today people keep doing such dishonest tasks to everyone. Today from politics to the basic family dishonesty is seen everywhere. People do not support anyone in trouble. I realized this thing


sone ki chamak

कहते हैं सोने को घिस घिसकर ही सुनार उसकी असली चमक को बाहर लाता है। ऐसे ही पिता अपने बेटे को मेहनत करा करा कर ही उसे ज़िन्दगी के सही मूल्यों का ज्ञान देता है। मैं रामजी दास का बेटा सिद्धार्थ हूँ। मैं अपने पिता की इस बात के बिलकुल


ped katne ka nateeja

मैं समीर अवस्थी, मुझे साँस की बीमारी है। मेरी उम्र  32  साल है जो की साँस की बीमारी के लिए शायद कुछ भी नहीं है। पहले मैं और मेरा पूरा परिवार खुले घर में  रहते थे जिसमे हरे भरे  पेड़ पौधे लगे थे।  पेड़ों की ताज़ी हवा जैसे की शरीर

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