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confessions 16 + relates the real stories of the people all around the world. You can read the stories which are linked to the various experiences of the people and they have ventured to share their experiences with us by posing their stories on this site. Many things happen in our life which we like to share with the other persons. Our site gives you the platform for sharing your experiences as you can post your stories on it . our site is just for entertainment purpose . Any type of grudges, enmity, jealousy or illegal things which do not seem good should not post on our site. Our sites purpose is to bring together the people living at nay place of the world by sharing their views. It is not necessary to disclose your real identity in your stories. You can use any name for sharing your views or experiences. There are many ups and downs in our life. Everyone feels relieved when he or she shares any experiences linked to his or her life and thus feel tension free. Our site is of great use for all this and it is working well as per the expectations of the people and many people have started using and liking it. I hope such type of collaboration will be given by the people in the future also.

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