Warning : Stories on this are only for entertainment purpose , it does not shows any message for anyone , We have changed all names/ characters of all stories so all characters / Names  appearing in this website  are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
What is Confessions16plus?

Confessions16plus is your anonymous best friend. This site allows you to share anything – good, bad, exciting, outrageous, heartfelt or hilarious – without judgment. You can also read confessions from other people and you can post any experience you had. We’ve found that the process of getting secrets off your heart is cathartic and that knowing there are others out there going through the same thing can be very reassuring.

Who created Confessions16plus?

Confessions16plus.in was started by Students of EPSinfotech.in for entertainment purpose only .

How was Confessions16plus created?

One day we students of EPSinfotech.in was sharing their experience with each other , and they want to spread their ideas and feeling  with others so that they do not make mistakes as they have done .

Is there any charges to read Real Confessions stories of real people?

No, This site is absolutely Free for all users  .

Can I write any an imaginary story or story of some one else?

Yes , but keep in mind your story should not contain real names of any person  and should not against any caste , religion , person , place or nation . it should not contain any type  adult material .

Are all Stories are True?

No we are not sure about this , some stories may be fake or inspired by original views / experiences / virtual thinking / imagination of any person. But we will appreciate you to post your original thinking / views / experiences or any virtual stories.

What type of stories can I read Here?

confessions16plus.in is A collection of confessions , love, romance and relationships , funny true stories , Lie, pain , random feeling , wild experience , true feeling posted by visitors to the site .

Can I Send My Real and True Experiences in Hindi language ?

Yes, You can send your real stories in hindi / punjabi language , we will translate it to english language .

Can I send hand written stories

yes , You can send hand written stories . First write the story in blank white paper , write in good hand writing and scan the paper send send it as attachment .

Does these stories shows any message for me or for any one ?

No , These stories are only for entertainment purpose , dont take these stories seriously  .  Dont  learn message from these stories , because these stories may be fake .

 Is confessions16plus is bound to publish my stories  ?

No , we are bound to publish your stories , we may reject your stories if we think your stories are not good for our site .

 Are all Stories posted by viewers of this website  ?

No, But we appreciate if any one like to post his/ her experiences / imagination / Virtual Thinking .

 What is basic concept of these stories  ?

These stories are collection of  confessions , love, romance and relationships , funny true stories , Lie, pain , random feeling , wild experience , true feeling / imagination . (May be fake)

For more information read Disclaimer and Terms and conditions of website .