Death Meter / Calculator Game

Death Date Calculator

This Fun and Entertaining Death Game / Death Clock / Death Time Calculator calculates your life span .

Enter Date Of Birth

Enter Height .
Enter Weight
Enter Country
Use of Alchohal
User of Tobacco Exposure
Use of Drugs
How often you do Excercise/Walk


Special Note : This is only a Game – It does not show your real dealth time period , it can be use only for entertainment purpose .


How This Death Game works

This Death Game calculates your life span based on

  • Geographical Area
  • Gender (Male / Female)
  • Living Habits
  • Smoking , Drinking , Drugs Taking habits
  • Your BMI

Warning : This Death Date Calculator Game does not show any significance in real life : So It is requested to you , Please Dont take it seriously . It is just a fun game for Entertainment Purpose