our friends – moral story

A king had a monkey who served him day and night. He was king’s constant companion. The king loved him very much. He more or less regarded him his friend.

One hot summer afternoon the monkey stood guard while the king was asleep in his royal chamber. A fly came and settled on the king’s nose and after sometime reached his chest. This annoyed the monkey no end. At once he struck the fly with his sword. Soon the fly flew and sat on the king’s chin. The monkey struck again but this time he separated the king’s head from his body.

The story shows that some of us have well- meaning friends but sometimes they readily help us in a foolish way and cause hurt. It is said: “A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.”

An enemy keeps you on your guard but a friend takes you off guard. Some friends only love the advantages that a friendship can get them easily. They are so selfish that the moment they realise that you need help they move away from you. These kinds of friends are not sincere friends. You can call them fair- weather friends. The story of ‘Two friends and a bear’ which you may know of illustrates this point. At the sight of a bear, one climbed up the tree leaving the other to the mercy of the bear down below because he did not know how to climb a tree. He left his friend in time of need and put his life to danger.

Then, there is another class of friends, who shower false praises on you. They misguide you by flattery. They hurt you in the long run. They are flatterers.

Therefore, choose your friends with great care. A friend is one who recognises your true qualities. He knows about your shortcomings and yet he loves you. True friends should think alike, in spite of the differences that may exist between them. They may have different opinions, tastes, temperament, likes and dislikes, but show friendliness in their behaviour. They know that for the many things that divide them, there are many more things that unite them.

Good friends show a lot of tolerance and understanding in their ways of life and thought. They do not impose on each other. It is unwise on the part of a person to expect his friend to agree with him in everything. It is also foolish to follow and serve your friends blindly.

At the same time, a good and true friend will always be faithful and loyal to the one he takes as a true friend. He should always do his best by never cheating or lying no matter what the circumstances may be. If he is truthful and honest, he’ll always be trusted and his good friend will always be prepared to stand by him even through thick and thin.

If on the other hand he is found untrue, his insincerity will soon come to light and in a short time he’ll find himself all alone with no one to trust him any more.

Friends are really very important in our life. They play a very significant role for us. We all need friends, so that we may share our joys, defeats, victories and disappointments and play with them when we confide in friends. It gives us comfort and we feel very happy about it. The influence of our friends on our life is far greater than of anybody else. Being our peer group, they help us shape our character and personality. The influence of our friends is seen in all our activities.

Therefore, we must choose them as wisely as we can so that we get the right type of friends who can really be our soul – mates.

In the end, keep the following words in mind:

“Trust not fair words for words are not the end. It’s deed not words that show the real friends.”