A big Change in My Life

I was very fond of bikes and I also wanted to have one. I Ramesh studying in BA final year was the topper of my class as well as in the college also. I usually went to the college by walking on the feet. All my friends came to the college on the bike. I felt very awkward and shameless also and all my friends used to laugh at me.

One day all my friends made a plan for the long drive and as I did not have bike they laughed at me and also did not invited me. This made me very angry and I left the home. When I reached home I shouted on my father and demanded for the bike.

I forced him and told him that I need a bike by hook or by crook. After saying this I left the home. Whole night I didn’t come back home and stayed at friend’s house.

Next morning I came home back and got ready and left the home for the college. By mistake I wore my father’s shoes. While I was walking in the road I felt that something was pricking on my feet and all my shoes got wet as there was water everywhere on the road. When I checked the shoes what I found that the sole of the shoes was badly torn and the blood was flowing from my feet. That time I cried a lot and felt ashamed of myself.

I ran back to my home and there I saw a new bike standing in front of my house. When I saw here and there no scooter was standing and then I realized that the bike was purchased by my father. He sold his scooter and brought that bike for me.

This whole incident has changed my life but it was too late now. But today also I regret and feel sad whenever I think about that incident and always cry a lot because I don’t even get the chance to say sorry.

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