A cute love story:-

A cute love story:-
I’m going to share my sweet and cute love story. I’m Aryan. I was studying in IIT Delhi. It was my first day at college. I met my classmates, seniors and my teachers. We were introducing ourselves to the Professor. Many students introduced. I noticed one of the girls giving her introduction. She was looking very charming with a smile on her face. I find her cute as she was talking very well. Her red nail paint on her nails was looking too beautiful. Her name was Arya.
Class was over. After the class I tried to talk to her. I communicated with her like:-
Aryan: – Hi Arya
Arya: – Hi
Aryan: –I’m Aryan.
Aryan Chauhan.
Arya :- Hello Aryan.
I’m Arya Kaur.
Aryan: – From where you are?
Arya: – I’m from Dalhousie.
Aryan: – Great. That’s why you are so beautiful.
Arya:- what?
Aryan: – Nothing
Arya: – Ok, we should attend the class now; time for next class has started.
Aryan: – Yeah. We should go now.
Arya and I went for next class. Our class was of maths subject. Her concentration was totally on blackboard and mine on her.
I was looking at her only and I wanted to focus on studies but still my eyes were continuously looking at her and ears were listening to her only.
My professor noticed me and told me “where are you Aryan?”
I answered “sir here, trying to solve out the maths problem”.
Professor asked me “ok tell me what we have discussed till now?”
I replied “sir we discussed about Fourier series”. I explained complete method of Fourier series and its all statements.
Professor was shocked “How I knew as my concentration was not on blackboard”
But I’m the guy who is all rounder, I think
Now we were given a question to solve. On front see Arya was sitting.I was looking at Arya. She said “What?”
I replied: – After two minutes with fear, I was thinking what I have to answer. I was not worried when professor asked me, that what I was doing? But when Arya asked me then I got worried
I replied: – Arya I don’t have pen .so I was looking at you. Have you spare pen?
Arya told ok. I have. Take it. And also bring your pen in the class from next time.
I answered with smile in my face “Yeah Arya I will. Thanks”.
After the class “she asked, Can I have my pen back please?
I replied: – Yes, yes please. Thank you for the pen.
Maths class was over and we went to hostel. I was thinking about her whole day and whole night. We slept. And I was asking my room-mate in dreams, what did she tell me to give?
My room-mate Vikram told “- Nothing… she asked for pen only .not for your heart. ok? Stupid, sleep now!
I didn’t sleep whole night. I was practising to propose her at the mirror.
Next day, we went to college. I met Arya.
I asked Arya to talk to me for two minutes only.
Arya replied ok, tell me.
I told: – Arya… I like you.
Arya become silent and then answered. “I’m noticing you from very first day”.
She said: – with smile in her face, Aryan, I like you too.
I was very happy with her positive answer. This is my cute and true love story.
We completed our Engineering and now we got married.
We are living together.

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