faithful love story

A faithful Love story

My name is Armaan (Changed Name ). I was working as Embedded Engineer. It was my weekend and I went to my friend’s home in holidays. I met with one girl there. She was looking too nice and very down to earth in nature. Her name was angel (Changed Name ) . I talked to her. She was doing internship in Java. We mostly talked about our subjects. She used to talk and almost discussed about the logics used in developing soft wares. I had a nice talk to her.

It was my last holiday and I moved back to my job.

I talked to her: – Angel! This is my last holiday. Today I have to go back to my job.

She replied: – Ok! Happy journey!!

I said: – How we would talk now?

This is my number. Please save it. If you ever wanted to talk to me, then do call me on  this number.

She said: – Ok! When you will be free from work?

I replied: – Always free for you!

She looked at me.

I said: – Haha! Don’t worry yar. I’m always free for friends.

She replied: – Ok

I was leaving and she was looking at me.

I said: – bye! Take care.

She answered: – You too take care!

I came to office and joined my work.

At evening I saw her text at phone.

She messaged: – How are you? How was your journey? Its angel here!

I replied: – It was ok and good. You say how was your training? Are you getting the ways in developing software?

She said: – Yes!

Ok Armaan sir! I’m going to sleep.

I said: – Hey talk to me like you talk to your other friends. Call me with my name only. Say Armaan!

She said: – You are senior so I used “sir” word.

I answered: – No need to say this.

She replied: – Ok Armaan and she made the smiley face after it.

I too smiled and told her: – Ok Angel you take rest now. You have to go your training at morning.

She said: – Yeah ok bye! Good night.

I: – ok Good night.

In this way we usually talk to each other in the free timings. She used to discuss with me her whole day work. She called me and told me about her activities like what she did today?

She also liked to talk to her at  her free office timings, in lunch time and when I went to office. Our routine was same and we spent lot of time at phone. We both talked a lot and liked to talk much with each other.

One day she told me that she is going to her relative’s home so may be she would not talk much. She will be in roaming. And also there are her cousin sisters and cousin brothers so she has to spend time with them.

I said: – Ok! You enjoy your time well.

Now that was the day I was missing her lot as whole day spent and I did not talk to her.

I thought of massaging her but I thought it was not a good opinion. I left to her that she would message me, if she will be free.

The day was over and I went to bed.

Next day I saw her message.

I replied: – How are you?

She said: – I’m good! You say?

I said: – I’m not. I missed you a lot yesterday.

She told: – I too missed you.

I replied: – Hey I like you.

She: – I was waiting to listen it from you.

I: – I just sent the smiley face.

She too replied the same.

Now we both are in true love and soon we will talk to our family for our marriage.

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