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My name is S****** . I am 29 years old. My marriage took place 3 years ago. My mother in law’s behavior is not good to me. She is very orthodox lady. She does not like to see me talking with my husband. She always keep on engaging me household duties. The behavior of my husband towards me was absolutely fine in the beginning. But now he has completely changed under the influence of my mother in law. He does not like to talk with me even. One day she blamed me for having extra marital relations. My husband also believed in it. But I can not even think of having relations with another person as I love my husband very much. I have a baby  in  my womb. My husband always looks at me with eye of suspicion. I want to do job. He does not allow me to do job. He often calls me characterless and abuses me. My mother in law always supports him when he abuses me. He has even gone to the extent of saying me that this baby is nit his own baby. He wants me to abort the baby. But I can not abort my baby as I love my baby the most being  mother, how could I think of aborting my baby. What should I do ? Should I leave my husband or abort the baby or live the life as it is going on…………….

Posted By : Elina Sharma

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