It was all my fault and now I regret with some confusion. I was in relationship for last three years and now I am very confused. I am a year older than him by our study age.    


             Before last year when I want to another level to complete my study I met a guy who really cared about me than I thought my first loves love wasn’t that what I wanted, this boys love was just everything for me. Some how but slowly I began forget my first love then one day the boy who was my everything.Suddenly told me to forget him cause,he was moving to Answer, for good. I was shattered into pieces he left the next day but he continues to contact me till today.Last year when I moved to another stage of my studies.My first love came to my previous level he thought that I still love him. I didn’t have that much courage to tell him the truth.One day he found out about all that happened when he wasn’t here. He told me to forget him I will accept you again but how do I tell him that he loves me more than u? How do I tell him that the person love is miles away for me? How do I tell him that he accepted me with my faults.HOW?HOW?HOW? HOW?





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