always feel happy

Whistle away, my mercy boy,


With happy face, and heart of joy;


If it will help you to be strong


Whistle a turn when things go wrong.


And whistling lightens it for you,


If ever your task is hard to do,


Wheather it be sowing the seeds,


Hoeing the corn or pulling weeds,


Gathering fuit or raking hay


Or driving cows – whistle away.


Whistle a tune, if you can’t sing,


And that should seem the next best thing.


That you can do; perhaps it will cheer,


The hearts of some who chance to hear.


Better to whistle than to pout,


And scold, and fret no one can doubt;


So keep a mercy heart, my lad,


And thus make other people glad;


Do all the good you can each day;


And as you toil, whistle away.


‘Laugh – the whole world laughs with you. Cry if you must cry alone for no one wants a sad face around. Happiness is a running stream and make it run as well as you can in your life. Let things take their course. You do whatever you have to do with your heart in the job. Never let yourself do things ewith a sense of boredom. Do not unduly worry about success or failure. Even ‘failure’ should not bother you, after all failures are a stepping stone to success.


‘Worry never solves any problem, but it reduces our capacity to work. That is why one should act in the present, learning from the past mistake with a smiling face always.

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