be humble – moral story

one of the most important quality of one’s character is humility. Being humble endears one to everyone. A humble person may be intelligent and powerful but he never feels proud of his ability and power.God blesses such people.

Humble people are great in the eyes of God.He blesses them and gives them peace and happiness. All the saints practise humility because they realise that without humility one will never be allowed into God’s kingdom. God punishes the proud and raises the humble.

Here is an interesting story from Holy Bible.

Like human beings God created ‘Spirits’ who have no body. We call these spirits ‘Angels’.

These angels are bestowed with great intelligence, knowledge and many powers which we human beings do not have.

‘Shiner’ was such an Angel.’Shiner’ became proud and felt he could become greater than God. He rebelled against God. God who had created this ‘angels, got angry and immediately punished this proud spirit. He threw him out of his heavenly home. ‘Shiner’ became God’s enemy. Now, ‘Shiner’ is called satan or the devil.

Satan tries to tempt us to commit the same sin of pride. Those who fall prey to this temptation lose God’s favour and blessings. Pride is at the root of all the evils of the world. Injustice, hatred, anger and a desire for revenge are fruits of pride. This causes pain and misery to others. An humble person always makes his fellow brethren happy. Such a person is quick to admit his faults. He is tolerant and good- natured. He possesses a pleasing personality and gains good friends. An humble person is always God – fearing. He never hates anybody and treats everyone with great love and respect. God is always kind to the humble.

A rich man lived in style and luxury. He was very famous for his hosting feasts and parties where in all the great and rich of the town were invited. He had a large number of servants to wait upon. They held him in awe. The rich man enjoyed the honour and respect given to him by people.

However, he did not like the poor and treated them unkindly. He thought he had become all- powerful and forget God.

One day a poor man came to his doorstep to beg while a feast was in progress. Instead of giving him something, he ordered his servants to drive him away.

The poor man begged for some left – over crumbs, but the rich man rudely turned him away. Sadly the poor man left his place.

By chance, both the rich man and the poor man died the very night.they had to face God to give an account of their life on earth.

God who is all – knowing punished the rich man for his pride and sent him for punishment in hell. The poor man was sent to heaven. Now the rich man realised that he had forgotten God. He had given up his godly quality of being humble. He was so proud that he thought everybody was beneath him, perhaps even God also.

He lost every thing, even his soul. He displeased God and his fellowmen.

God is always on the side of the humble. He always guides the humble. If you look carefully. You’ll find that a tree well laden with fruit bend downwards and its brances do not sway swiftly and a river flows so silently carrying beneath its deep an immense store of water.

They say, ‘silent water run deep.
Similarly, if a person has anything in plenty he should not show it off to make others feels small. On the contrary, he should be humble enough to help others. If he can with his power or position.

Remember : “Blessed are the pure and humble of heart.”

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