Blessings for ex…


What was your reaction when you saw your Ex GF after a very long time?
(My girlfriend was my college mate , and 2 year senior to me)

I recently had to attend the wedding of my friend from college, I did not expect my ex to be there, as she moved to US  after our break up.
I was sitting with a group of friends and was talking about old memories, when she turned up to the wedding with her husband.
The moment I saw her , it was a trip down the memory lane, the happy times when we were together, to the desperate times when I was alone and depressed to find out the reason why she left me.
I had mixed emotions of anger and sadness. Thoughts of hurting her came to my mind, then thoughts of humiliating her in front of her friends and her husband ran through my mind.
As she came near, our eyes met, I smiled at her, and she responded with a smile. I excused myself politely, and left the wedding.
And as I was waiting for my cab  outside the marriage function hall, I closed my eyes and recollected the brief moment our eyes happened to meet. They are emotionless, no happiness , no sadness, no anger, nothing. And then I realized at that moment, both have to work on a relationship, and it’s unnecessary to blame just one, when it breaks.. so just wish you all the best for your life..i have no hard feelings for you now ,you are just friend to me.

Stay blessed stay happy



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