Car Accident Story

My name is Puneet (Changed name ) . I am of twenty two years old. I am from puna. I am doing M.S.C. one day me and my other two friends planned from going to a marriage on shimla. Marriage was to take place during night. All of us went in the car. Some how all of us convinced our parents for going on that party. We wear the best garments and started off to attend the marriage party. We reached there at twelve’o clock. We kept on waking all throughout the night. We enjoyed a lot over that place we drank, danced and did hooting over there.

Everybody in the party was showing too much concern toward us. It was my cousin’s marriage who was living in shimla and we were in Amritsar. As we had too attend college in the morning so we started from there at 4’o clock in the morning. As we had not slept all through the night we all were feeling very sleepy. We were sleeping in the car. My friend was driving the car. He was calling both of us again and again for driving the car but did not wanted as we were feeling too much tired. After going at some distance our car met with an accident. It fell down in a deep ditch both of my friends died on the spot. I too was smeared with blood over all I had not even the courage to pick out the phone from my pocket and tell about this mishappening to my parents I was feeling too much pained. There was just five o’clock of the morning. Some how a man saw us and called other men also for helping us. They pulled us from the ditch after some time my family and my other two friend’s families reached at that place. When both of my friend’s families saw their boy’s dead they started crying I was admitted in the hospital by my family.

I too was filled with great grief. I had not the courage of telling the whole incident to my parents and my friend’s parents. Their grief was unbearable. Now two months have passed to this accident but that scene comes before my eyes again and again and I am not able to come out of that. From that day, I swore that I would not drink and I suggest others also for saying no to it. Just because of it. I lost both of my very good friends which always supported me all throughout of my life. Although my friends have now left this world but their families are not able to come out of the grief and blame us for having drink before driving the car. Alcohol becomes the cause of many accidents. My parsons have lost their lives just because of it but what is the fault of those persons to whom they leave behind in this world just for crying.

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