Condition of Girl – Discrimination starts from home

My name is Nisha (Changed Name ) . I am from Hoshiarpur. I am 19 years old and doing 10+2 in a college. I have one brother who is doing B.S.C in the same college where I am studying. I have my friends (girl) who often come in my home. I have a friend shreya who too studies with me in the same class and is very beautiful. One day shreya came in our home. She was looking very smart in red jeans and white top. We talked about hours together.


My mother too liked that girl as he was intelligent as well as beautiful. When it was evening, she went back to her home. My brother came to me at that time and told me frankly that he likes my friend. He asked me if I could help him in making her his friend. I had not any problem regarding my brother and liking for my friend. So I told my friend on the phone that my brother likes you very much and he wants to have friendship with you.


After some hesitation, she got ready for friendship with my brother. They often go on date with each other in restaurants. They are even planning for marriage with each other one day, I was in the college. My one friend told me that there is a guy in our class who is interested in you. That boy was mad after me.  He could do anything for me that girl who had told me about that guy handed over me the phone number  of that boy. I was in the home and called that guy. That guy disclosed his feelings to me. It was clear from his conversation that he was deeply in love with me.


At that time, my brother reached in the room. He heard my conversation asked me about the guy with whom I was talking. I told him that guy is interested in me and I too want to have friendship with him. My brother slapped on my face on hearing it and told about it to my mom – dad also. They too get angry with me and told me to leave the college if you want to involve in such things. They know about the friendship of my brother with shreya. They do not have any objection regarding it. But they do not want me to talk to any body of my class. Its freedom made only for boys. Do they have right to do anything whatever they like girls are supposed to be always obey as per the wishes of their parents. Our society should change this type of attitude toward girls. Girls should also be treated at par with the boys.

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