confession by wife

MY NAME IS…………. I LIVE IN…….. MY HUSBAND     is labourer. I am 28 year old. I have two babies to support. I work in a company. My boss is an immoral man. One day he hold my hand & one day he proposed me for friendship. But I rejected his proposal. His attitude changed after this. And now he does not treat me like that as he used to treat me in the past. He scolds me without any reason. He has even threatened me for leaving the job. I am not rich & my husband also can not bear the expenses of the study of both the children. I can not think about leaving the job. My Boss has influence over many other companies also. If I do not accept his proposal, he will not let me get appointed in other companies also. I haven’t told anything about my boss to my husband. If I tell about it to him, he will not allow me to do the job there & ask me to immediately leave the job. What should I do. Should I leave the job immediately or go on doing the job.

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