False Truth

My name is Sneha. I am from U.P. I came in Rajasthan two years back complete my P.H.D. I worked hard to get the good marks in every class. I belong to a very poor family. As I had the unrest desire of studying my parents did enough labour for collecting the money for my studies. I always was the topper of my class. When I was in M.A, I studied late at night and got the highest rank in U.P.university. after that I worked hard for the competive exams. I got is cleared. I and my parents were very happy. Rajasthan university offered me the junior research fellowship and I took admission in P.H.D over there. I worked there for full four years to complete P.H.D. Now I was no longer a burden on my family as I was earning scholarship also to keep me and my family in sound condition. There was a male guide under whose guidance I was completing my thesis. In the beginning years his behaviour to me was very cordial. He always treated me father’s age. Now it was the last year of my P.H.D and after that my thesis was to be submitted. I requested him for submitting my thesis. One day, he called me in his home. I thought that it might be about the thesis that the sir want to discuss with me. I reached in her home. He was under the intoxication of wine. He asked me to come near him. I went near him and he started patting me on the back and came more closer to me I was completely stunned to find this type of behavior of my guide as I had thought him a very sensible man of the world & had complete trust in him. He started opening his clothes and told me that if I she want to complete the P.H.D then I have to act according to his wishes. He started hugging me. Somehow I kept myself loose & got up to get out of the room. He again caught me & tried to do what rubbish things were in his mind. Somehow I came out of the room by hitting him. Now he is not submitting my thesis. He does not want to talk to me even. I have used a lot of money for this degree and now he is disappointing me. Now I have too much hatered in my mind for him as he is on the verge of spoiling my career. Suggest me the best way which I could solve this problem. I have not told any thing to my parents as they might be very unhappy when they would came to know about it. Now please help me to solve my problem so the I could get the good position in a job which is my long lasting dream.

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