Girl Is A Responsibility Not An Opportunity.

#Sanjay (Changed Name)



Friends, I  am going to CONFESS a Real happening . It was Very Heart Breaking  To Hear About The Rape Case In Pune. A Model was called from Delhi by 4 Fake Men, Promising Her for Advertising Photo Shoot and she Was Gang Raped. The culprits have been Arrested Though. But the girl is a Victim .Now I want you all To Spread Awareness Among Young Models Or Even Normal Girls On Face book who want are interested in this field and even trying for it . It is  great that you  want to show the World Your Elegance Beauty and Talent  But Please stay alert . Being A Guy, I Know how Photos Of Some Random Girls Circulates every  day in our Whatsapp Groups. It could be you as well someday.

Please Don’t Spoil Your Life For such rubbish things . Beware Of Such Thugs (Fake people) and fake promises by such people. Be aware and alert every time do proper investigation for every person who is offering you any modeling stuff , Stay Alert Stay Safe. Your are important to your family.
Guys, Please Don’t Behave In Such an Awful Manner. Alone Girl Is A Responsibility Not An Opportunity.


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