Honeymoon Experience

My name is Alisha (Changed Name ) , Here I am sharing my Honeymoon Experience with you . I am from Mumbai. Here I am sharing my honeymoon experience with you . My father is a worker in a company. I have two brothers. I was not good in studies. After doing senior secondary, I started living at home as my parents were not able to bear the expense of my studies. My brothers were younger to me and neither of them was settled. I was in fourth class when my mother passed away. My father got married with another woman. When I grew up, she started saying again and again about my marriage to a guy because there was not understanding between me and my mother. Whatever thing my father used to bring in the home, she was used to bring in the home, she was used to claim it as her own which I did not like at all.

My father was too helpless to do anything regarding it. When I was of twenty one years, some body suggested a guy to my parents for my marriage. That guy was a marketing manager in insurance company. I felt happy when I came to know about the job of the guy. But on the same time I got sad because there was two much age gap between he had me as he was of thirty two years and I was of just twenty one. My father asked me about taking the decision regarding marriage. I hesitatingly said ‘no’ because I was of the view that how would I be able to adjust with the guy who is eleven years older than me.

But my step mother was ready to get me married as early as possible. So she told my father that this is the best match for your daughter. If she grows more old then nobody would be willing to marry her. Moreover she is not qualified so they should not miss the chance. My father came under the impression of my step mother and got me married with that guy. When it was our wedding night he did not at all force me for having any sort of relations. He shared each and every incident of his life with me. I started liking him from that very night.

After that we planned for the honeymoon. He took me in Singapore for honeymoon. We got the package of three nights stay over there really; those three nights changed my life completely. He was so caring, loving and respective. I had never received such type of love and affection from anybody in this world. Now I understood that whatever the gap between the partners does not matter if the relationship is pure and based on truth. First night in that place we spent in sentosa. We enjoyed a lot over there. After that we spent second day we reach orchard road. I bought many things from that place. I was purchasing those things for the first time in my life as those were very costly. On third day we reached at Little India. There we enjoyed food in a restaurant. We kept our lodgings over there and went our for shopping. My husband bought an i-phone for me. I was very happy to receive it. After that we came back in the restaurant and dine over there. In the evening he took me in the market and bought a diamond ring. It was really wonderful and expensive its cost was one lakh. Really I was using all these things for the first time in my life and was very happy. After that he told me stay in the jewelers shop and went out for giving me a surprise gift. He came back in the shop where I was staying (in jeweler shop) and asked me for going back to the restaurant he was holding a big thing in his hand. I was not able to imagine what it could be. When I asked about it, he did not tell me any thing about it and told that you would yourself come to know after opening it in the restaurant at about 10:00 P.M. we reached in the restaurant when I opened it, it was a lap top for me. I was very happy to receive all these gifts. I always thank God for giving me this type of husband really, now I have understood that age gap does not matter in relations if your partner is caring, loving and feeling full.

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