How fool I was (True Love Story)

My name is Vineet (Changed name ) . I am from Jaipur. I am in Post graduation now. I am going to share an incident (incomplete love story) linked to my life when I was in B.S.C first year. There was a girl in our class whose name was Priyanka (Changed Name ). She was very beautiful. I started liking her in worldly. I never expressed my feeling to her. Thought that she too was interested in me. I she was living as paying guest in my home town. One day, she called me in her home where she was living as paying guest. I resisted for some time. But after that I gathered courage for going in her home as I was very shy in nature. I wore the best of my clothes. I tried to make myself as handsome as I could. Actually I was planning for proposing her for friendship on that day I was in very happy mood inwardly.

I went in her street where she was living as P.G. when no body was in the street, I went into her room. She was looking extremely beautiful and was wearing jeans top. As I was deeply in love with her, I was not able to utter oven a single word from my mouth. I was continuously talking to me. She had prepared a dish for me to eat and asked me for tasting it. I tasted it and it was marvelous. She started discussing everything linked to her life with me. I was thinking that she is showing interest in me and has made me her best friend and have great trust in me. So I listened her all matters very carefully after that she came more near me and told that she wants to discuss a thing related to her life with me which I should never disclose to any one. I became much conscious and started thinking what would it be about. To my great surprise, she told me that she loves a boy of their class and she wants to take my help for expressing her desires to him. I became much nervous. My all dreams shattered with in a moment but I kept myself in great control and told her that I would do everything to make that guy (to whom she was interested) her friend. After that I came out of her room although she was pressing me again and again her for staying in the room and talk to her. Now I am in Post Graduation and whenever I remember this matter I feel myself fool as I was thinking that she had called me in her room for expressing her feelings toward me.

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