how to keep fit – kids moral story

A sound mind in a sound body’ is a very famous saying.



One must keep oneself healthy and strong. Only healthy body can work hard to achieve goals which one entertains in one’s mind. A weak and frail body often has a weak mind. A healthy person can do whatever he likes to. Health is wealth and strength of a person.


One should keep oneself fit. To keep fit we have to obey rules of health. We have to take proper care of the body. Our body is like a machine. If it is not properly oiled and cleaned, it is bound to go out of order sooner or later. Similarly, our body needs proper care to keep it fit and running like a clock.


‘Our body is a well-set clock which keeps good time, but if it is too much or indiscriminately tampered with, the alarm runs out before the hour.’


Cleanliness is the foremost  need of our body. Daily regular bath, clean clothes and clean place to live in are very essential, to combat harmful germs that breed in dirt and filth.


There are hundreds and thousands of pores in our skin, which drain out sweat to keep our skin soft and moist. The poisonous waste is drained out of these pores by natural process and we remain healthy. If we do not wash ourselves properly these pores are blocked and the body fails to sweat out the waste through them. The result is sickness.


Therefore, a proper bath is very essential. We should use soap everyday and rub our body dry with a towel and dress up in clean well- washed and well- ironed clothes. We should also change our clothes daily. The worn and used dress should be discarded each day and washed before reuse.


Cleanliness of hair and nails, etc. also are very important. Teeth should be cleaned daily after each meal. If  your hair is unkempt, lice breed in them. Likewise, harmful germs breed in dirty nails and they pass into our blood stream through food. These germs cannot be seen through naked eye. A microscope is needed to see them. Bad teeth affect your digestive system in the long run. They cause stomach upsets. Therefore, stress on oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth before going to bed, for it does not allow any harmful germs to enter your system. Moreover, sparkling clean teeth add to your beauty and charm. You feel fresh all the time.


Our house should also be kept clean. We should live in a clean house with good ventilation with windows we should get our house white- washed at suitable interval at least once in a year.


Fresh air is another basic need of good health. Fresh air purifies  our blood and turns the blood to bright red color. We should have morning and evening walks. Taking walk should be regular routine. We should play in the open and take exercise.


We should not cover our face with a quilt or a sheet while asleep. We should sit upright while working. It is always better to breathe in fresh and clean air because fresh air keeps us healthy and strong.


Our diet – the food we eat is also very  important for our health. We should take nourishing food. Our food should include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. We should never eat uncovered food. Specially the one that flies have sat on. Flies carry on their tiny legs the dirt and filth of the garbage bins and deposit on whatever food item they sit. Always keep your food safe from the files. Stale food is another source of illness and it should be avoided at any cost. Food becomes stale after a certain time and harmful bacteria flourish in it. Over – eating is also bad. We should never overeat. The stomach is so much loaded with food that the digestive system breaks down and goes out of order to cause stomach – ache.


We should chew our food very well. We should avoid junk food, which is generally vended through fast food shops. Noodles, patties, etc., are junk food. Above all, one should keep away from bad habits such as smoking and drinking. They damage the lung. Decrease the span of life and cause dangerous diseases like cancer.


We should drink at least ten glasses of clean water daily to cleanse the body inside. It is very important to keep good function of the kidneys.


Our drinking water should be very pure. If we use water from tanks or wells it is necessary that we should boil it properly. Water which flows from the Municipal taps even though thoroughly cleaned and treated should be used only after filtering. Water gets contaminated through various pollutants in its course. Therefore it is essential to purify or boil water before drinking. Impure water causes many diseases. Water is our basic necessity. We need plentiful of water each day. Be sure you use only clean water. Obey all these rules of health and feel fit and healthy.



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