I am in love

Hello! Guys. I want to confess about a guy. we became friends on Social media some months ago. He is elder brother of my friend. He is a nice guy, he is caring. We both are slowly falling in love for each other. He is an architect student I am preparing for medical sciences.. I like talking to him We spend hours in chatting.

He is not that kind of guy who makes girl friends for a while and then dumb them and I am also of not that kind.. He belongs to a very rich family and he is proud of it. He is a bit show off. but my financial conditions are not so good. So I don’t meet him because I feel bad to go with him because of his rich status. Otherwise he is a good guy He respects girls, he doesn’t drink, he is frank, his nature is good, but financial conditions matters a bit or a lot may be.. our relationship has not gone so much far and I don’t know why I am thinking about all this but may be in future there is nothing possible between us.. but I cant live without him. what to do next. Give suggestions please

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