Incomplete Real Love Story

My name is lovely (Changed Name ). This is my true and Painful love story. I was living in Noida. I had a classmate named Anil (Changed Name ) . We used to go with each other at math’s tuition classes. We used to discuss topic with each other and spend time with each other after our classes. When we came at home we used to talk at phone and spend time together. I have taken night pack by which I could talk to him at nights.
One day Anil proposed me and our conversation was “-
Anil: – Hi lovely! I missed you yesterday a lot.
Me:- Ha ha Why? We always talk at phone with each other or at college or in tuitions.
He said: – yeah I miss you a lot at nowadays, more than earlier. It’s difficult for me to spend a single minute without you.
I replied: – What?
He answered: – Yes lovely! I love you.
I will care you more than you.
What is yours answer lovely?
I told: – I want time to think. You are my best friend but I have not feelings for you.
He said ok and he moved from there.
We attended tuitions and come home.
He asked me:– What you thought?
I replied: – I love you too.
We hugged each other.
We both then went to Sukhna Lake and spent a lot of time together.
We were just enjoying the each other’s company.
The time was going on and everybody at college came to know about this fact.
This was the time when our degree was at completion. I told Anil to get place in some company. I would talk to my family after completing graduation.
He said: – Yeah Lovely! I ‘am already trying some of the good companies.
I said: – Ok all the best.
We had completed our degree. This was our last day at college; we were meeting with our friends. Anil came to me.
Anil told: – Hi lovely! I have some gift for you on this last day of college.
I said: – will we not meet after it
Anil replied: – why we will not meet? I cannot live for a single minute without looking you.
I smiled and said: What is the gift for me?
Anil: – Open it and he uncovered the wrapper.
I opened it and there was CD.
He told me to play it.
I brought the laptop and put the CD in it.
I played it and what I found there was our video which captured all the moments we spent together.
It was amazing gift for me.
I got emotional and started crying.
Anil told: – Just wait for two months. I will get the job and will come to your home to talk to your father for our marriage.
I hugged him and told I will wait.
When I was coming to my home , an accident happened to me. I got car accident in which I lost my legs. I got handicapped.
I was admitted at hospital and I came to know that I lost my legs.
I was thinking about Anil that what I would say to him. I received his call at night.
I told him about the accident, he becames silent and told so what. You will be fine soon.
He did not came to meet to my father next Sunday.
Now one year has spent, that next Sunday did not come and his number is also not working.
But I can understand and agree that “No one can marry to handicapped”.

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