innocent love

My name is Nikita (Changed Name). I am from England. I went to share an incident linked to my life which left a deep impression on me. Few years back I came in India ( because my grandmother and grandfather live here) to meet them. My father & mother too are Indians. One day, I was all alone in the home. I was working in the kitchen for preparing the food. After some time the cylinder of cooking gas got empty. I had not the knowledge of changing the cylinders. So, I called the boy who lives in my neighborhood for changing the cylinder. He talked to me for continuously ten minutes. He had the curiosity to know about the England’s culture. I talked to him very friendly & offered him the food which was prepared by me. He was also happy to meet me. After that he went to his home. One day I received a call from a no & I was surprised to know that it was his no. he made it clear to me that he had started loving me. Actually in my heart of hearts. I too had started liking him. Because my ticket was booked for going back to England. I told him frankly that our friendship can not carry for a long time as I have to go to England. He felt too much pained at that time but he had the desire of calling me even when I go back to England. I told him that he can freely call me at any time. Now the day of my going back to England was coming near. He had the unrest desire for meeting me at least once before I go there. I accepted his offer. We decided the place which was suitable for us to meet each other. I wore the best of my dress and took a gift for him as he had told me that he wants to take something from me which he could keep with himself always. I bought a bracelet for him & reached at the place.

He was looking too much excited & extremely happy. He looked at me from my head to toe. Then he talked to me that he got very less time for meeting mean it was also passing. He too had brought a gift for me & that was a chain with pendant. He opened the box & asked me for wearing it. I wore it & he looked at it continuously for one minute & told me that it is looking more beautiful in your neck as it has reached to its real owner. He also gave him the gift which I had bought for me. He wore it on his write and told me that he would never depart from it. It was really an innocent love meeting which I could never forget. After that I went back to my home saying him ‘good bye’ for ever as it was not possible for me to back to India after that because of some family problems. Whenever I remember that incident of my life, tears start flowing down from my eyes as I have never seen such type of innocent love in anybody’s eyes.

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