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it was 2014 and i was going to Jalandhar from Chandigarh by bus.I am very lonely and simple kind of person . from Chandigarh a HOT girl in Red top and black skirt boarded in bus and asked me if there is anyone else sitting next to me. i replied no and she happily sat near me. believe me she was so hot with perfect figure and her presence was making me nervous. my heart was beating fast and i was trying to keep myself normal but she was busy in listening music. It was my first experience that I wa sitting so close 5to a girl. After one hour i decided to talk to her and i looked at her and said hi i am S**** from  jalandhar doing btech there what you do? she stared at me smiled but said nothing. i thought ok fine if you dont want to talk its ok at least she was sitting with me. she was the only girl in the bus and everyone inside the bus was looking at me as i am her BF. It was fun to watch all faces out there. i was sItting on window seat and at one bus stop she asked for a water bottle to the seller.and during this she put her hand over my thigh and her body was bend to see outside the window. i was able to see something that i was not supposed to see on a public place., i was enjoying and praying that plz dont remove ur hand. and i was pretending that i was sleeping . later at LPU she get off the bus. i was very happy till my way to jalandhar bus stop But after reaching at bus stop i  checked for my iphone 4 in pocket to see time. F**K it was not there. i checked everywhere but it was gone. then i realized that the girl who gave me immense amount of pleasure was actually the Bitch who stolen my phone. all my happiness was gone and i was repenting for my deeds. i never told this story to anyone but sharing here to aware people that don’t get fooled by hotties.

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