# This is a very serious confession of mine I need a lot of guts to confess. I am a student of final year.I was leading a normal life ,had Aim to be fulfilled ,use to be passionate for life.
but from very long time I was affected to this disease ,but i was afraid to go in public areas since the disease have reduced me to bits and pieces. Despite of all the efforts from government and NGO’s educating people to treat people with this disease as equals still ignorance prevails, and people choose not to touch the person , not to eat with him, not to talk with him . . The  very next thing that comes to people mind is that He might have done unprotected s*x which has caused him the illness . But actually that is not true there are several other ways . God know  how I got the infection . It was during my second year that i was diagnosed and after that life was not the same for me . I lived in fear and agony , single day was like an year to pass , But my family gave me Support strength. Due to the efforts of my family  God showed me some mercy by giving some eternal strength. I came back to college but leading a normal life seemed impossible. I never ever told it to anyone. I was very careful about my food habits and used to take healthy precautions which my doctors suggested me to take from others. Now I  am in final year and doctors  say that my health has neither deteriorated nor improved . This was a big sign of relief for me  . . I have been placed in a MNC which doesn’t requires medical tests . Hopefully GOD will allow me to join that too. Friends one thing i must tell you . . there is a greatest power above us , watching each of us , we should be thankful to God for what he gave to us. . I see people drinking, smoking , committing adultery . . Believe me they are testing HIS patience the day when life repays you back in the same coin you will understand its worth . . . LIFE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO BE WASTED ..enjoy life don’t ruin it…

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