Love is just to let feel someone Special

This is the story of guys doing studies in Professional college. There were guys named Ryan, Reema and Tia (Changed Name ) . It was there first day in the college after passing +2. A guy named Ryan loved Tia in first sight. One day Ryan introduced Reema. They generally talked to each other and once Ryan opened her heart to Reema.

He said: – Reema I need a favor from you.

Reema answered: – Yes? My Pleasure! Tell me?

Ryan told: – I like Tia. Can you help me in making friendship with me?
She said: – why not.
When our third lecture will be over then you wait outside the class. I will do something. Ok?
Ryan told: – Yeah ok! I will come.
They went to attend the lectures. There was third lecture. It finished and Tia came outside with Reema.
They saw Ryan was coming from opposite side.
Tia’s books slipped from her hands and ryan picked those to give these to Tia.
Reema said:- Thank you.
Tia , He is Ryan, My friend. You know he is too good guy and smart too. Make him your boy friend. He will be perfect for you like beautiful girl.
Ryan was looking what Reema was saying continuously.
They met after the class and Ryan talked to Reema about his family. Actually Ryan was talking to his mother at phone and instantly Reema came there.
Ryan was saying about his mother that she loves someone and I do not like this.
Reema told: – Why you don’t like it. Has she not right to love again and to like someone. You told me that when you were in tenth class you loved a girl and your love was not continued and then you moved ahead and she also moved ahead. Now you love Tia. If you have right to love again then why your mom has not…?
Ryan looked at Reema and Reema said: – Ok you think once. Ok? I’m going.
We all went to home after college. Tia and Ryan went outside near some beach to spend time together.
It was Ryan’s birthday and Reema thought of doing something special
But she forgot that it was his birthday. Reema sent the card and cake for Ryan.
When Ryan saw this: – He thought may be Tia was giving this surprise.
But after that Tia came and told: – was It your birthday? Sorry I forget.
But Tia had remembered it many times for me.
Anyways let’s go Ryan for celebration.
He said: – Ok lets go.
He also called Reema to meet.
Reema said: – ok but on this time?
He said :- Yes. If you can send the card and valuable wishes for me then why can’t you come?
They met and He told: – I m feeling that, I like you.
You always stand with me and make everything simple for me. You always try to feel me special and I never get this care and importance from anyone else except you…
I don’t know what you will think and what your answer is but I really like you.

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