Love or Money – Painful love story

This is my true and painful love story. My name is Deepak and I’m going to marry with the beautiful girl living in Chamba. The girl’s name is Deepa. My family met to her family. The relation was all most confirmed. They liked my profile and we liked her. We started talking at phone. It was really good to talk to her. She is very interesting and in addition to beautiful also. It was good to talk to her. It was her birthday and I celebrated her birthday in London as I was living in London. I was working as SR. Senior Software engineer in one of the big multinational companies.
I sent her gifts like iphone, chocolates, beautiful dresses, Teddies and many more. She was very happy when she saw my surprises. Her friends were also in my contact list. They told me she is very happy that as somebody is giving her so special place. I felt good. As I was living in foreign but I had no girl friend, I’am one woman man.

I always talked about Deepa. Our affair was started before engagement. We were in love with each other. My Parents went to her home and confirmed for this relationship. I was very happy with her. I also added her in my face-book friend list. I used to discuss my every moment with her; she knew my all relatives, friends and my professional friends. She was also working in IT Company. I told her to leave the job and enjoy only and no need to do any work. I wanted her to enjoy her life fully as now I’m responsible for her all happiness. I told her that I will complete her demands, desires and everything she want. I can buy anything for her.

One day I specially came to India to meet her and gifted her many things. She was very happy when she saw me. We visited many places together like kulu, manali, whole Chandigarh, shimla, Dalhousie and Nanitaal. We enjoyed a lot.

One day I was using his phone. Her facebook was open. What I saw? really unbelievable as I found her is in affair with some other guy who was working in Aircell. She had talks like she used words “sweetheart,Darling”, “Love you too Ajit”etc. As she never used these words for me and always told me that we are not married now. So we need to behave like friends and nothing much. I also told ok as I respect her and do not want to refuse her for anything.

On the other hand I also saw in her facebook like she is talking to some of her cousin sister and telling her about me. She wrote like “ Yar Deepak is very good by nature but Ajit is too handsome. And Deepak is not handsome like ajit But yeah he is financially very good. He gave many gifts on my birthday and on many more occasions. I talked to his mom dad, brother, sister and all of her friends or official friends. He introduced me to everyone, but if I see look wise then Ajit is more handsome than him, but if I see financially then Ajit is better. So what should I do?

I was really shocked. Because these are the things generally people decide before any kind of relation and we talked a lot at phone, millions of time but still she is thinking now to whom she should marry, even he is not sure for his boy friend Ajit to whom she already said “I love you and all”. I am thinking now, I’m loving to girl who is not sure about his relationship.

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