love – real love story

My name is Anita (Changed name). I am from very poor family. My father is handicapped and mother is a maid. I a ma the only child of my parents. I have completed the first year of graduation with good marks. Some body from our relatives suggested a boy to my mother for my marriage but I do not like that guy at all. Actually dear friends. I w ant to tell you that I am in affair with a boy who studies with me .He is from extremely rich family. Although the boy will not have any problem about my family background but his family is ultra modern and I think that they will not agree for my marriage with their son .I have not told the boy that my family is poor as I think that he may mind it. My parents want me to marry but I like only that guy but I fear if his family would be ready to accept me as my family standard is much lower than them. Please guy’s advice me with suitable suggestions.

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