Love v/s Best friend – Triangle True Love story

True Triangle love Story (Love V/s Best Friend ) – My name is Viraj (Changed Name ) . I am from Bombay. I am of nineteen years old studying in graduation. I had a friend whose name was rajat (Changed Name ). He was studying in the same college with me in the same class. He was very innocent and shy. I always helped him to do an everything. He was my best friend. We always discussed our daily routine with each other. We were ready to do anything for each other. Sometimes, I felt that I am nothing without him as I was wholly dependent on him and him on me.

There was a girl studying in our class whose name was shina (Changed Name) . She was very beautiful and intelligent. Rajat started liking her. He started following her. We both of us used to go after her when she was supposed to go to her home. But that girl did not ever respond. I had not any feeling (Love) for that girl. As she was beautiful, every boy seemed to be interested in her. But she did not pay any attention to any one.

My friend had not the courage to propose her. As he was very shy. But his feelings for her were true. He used to talk to me about that girl only. One day he took leave from the college and stayed at home because he was not well. Even then he called me during the college hours and asked how is looking shina today. What coloured dress she has worn. I mean to say he was really lost in love with her. I was ready to do anything for getting her love Story. Whenever he met me he always had one name on his lips and that was of shina.

As valentine day was coming near, he wanted to express his feelings to her before this day so that they could celebrate this day together. So he wanted to take my help for passing his message to her. So he bought a card from the market and asked me to pass that card to shina on his behalf.

Two days before Valentine’s Day, we followed her when she was going toward home. After that my friend stopped in the mid way, handed over the bike to me and told me to pass the card to shina and tell about his feelings to her.

With trembling hands, I drove the bike as I too fear from the things related to the girl. As I reached near her, I handed over that card to shina. To my surprise, he thanked me for giving the card (Oh my God Triangle Love Story Starts ). Before I could say him anything (that the card is from his friend rajat) she spoke that she too is interested in me. She told me that I and rajat always followed her and she thought that rajat is attracted toward her. So she did not pay any attention to it because he does not like rajat and like only me.

I kept my mouth shut at that time and she went from there saying these words. After that I drove my bike toward the side where rajjat was standing. He was anxious to know what did shina say when I handed over the card to her and tell about rajat’s feeling. I did not tell him anything and said that she passed away by taking the card and did not stop.

Now the condition is that rajat likes shina. But she does not like him at all. Rather she likes me. I am too interested in her as she is very beautiful I could not leave such a beautiful girl if she wants to have friendship with me. But on the other hand, I do not want to hurt my friend’s feelings by doing friendship with the girl who rejected my friend’s offer. Suggest me guys what should I do. I am in great confusion what to choose my best friend or my love (This was my Triangle love story ) .

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