Love with the Teacher – Based on real story

My name is Raman (changed name) . I am Studying in +2 classes in a school in Gurgaon. My father is in abroad and mother is a house wife. I do not have any shortage of money in the home. I am quite handsome and girls often like to talk to me. I have taken non medical stream. As I am not good in physics, my mother choose a tuition teacher for me and I started going in her home for learning physics. The lady from whom I am taking tuition classes is very smart. She is married and without child. Her husband is in Italy. She is living alone in her flat as her in laws too are in abroad. She too is planning for going in Italy as her whole family is well settled there.

At present, she is doing a government job in a college. I have started liking her. I can not control myself when she comes too near to me for teaching. Her dresses often attract me toward her as she is in the habit of wearing short and tight trousers. Sometimes, I feel she too has interest in me. But I do not have courage to talk to her about it. I just want her friendship. I can do anything for her sake or to win her heart. But I think how she would feel if she comes to know about my feelings for her. She has much trust in me and she is of the view that I am an innocent boy. I have discussed about her with my other friends also. They often suggest me for proposing her and they say that she would definitely get ready for friendship with me as she is alone and living without husband.

But I am afraid that if I propose her and she tell about it to my parents. Then what would they think about me. Then I would loose the faith of my parents forever but on the other hand I did not want to loose her. I can not concentrate on my studies when she teaches me. I often get myself loose in some other world and she daily scolds me for my low performance in physics and my parents too are worried that why I am not doing good in physics even after taking tuition classes. Sometimes, I feel very nervous after coming from her home. My parents often asks me the reason of my nervousness and do not answer them. Please guys suggest me what should I do. Suggest me if I should propose her or stop thinking about her and concentrate on the studies which I do not want to do at all.

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