Marriage Against will – What to do

My name is Neetu (Changed Name). I have completed graduation and am staying at home now. I belong to a poor family. My father works in a factory and mother is a house wife. I am of 20 years old. I have two more sisters and one brother.

My parents want to marry me but they do not have much money to spend on my marriage. One day my aunt came in our home and she suggested a guy to my parents for my marriage. She said that he is divorcee but there is not lack of money in the home. My parents have almost agreed but I don’t want to marry with a divorcee. He has even two children also from his first wife, who is no more now.

My parents sometimes try to pursuer me for marriage by saying that I would become very rich by marrying him but they have nothing to do with my feelings. I think they too are right to some extent. Please guys suggest me if I should say ‘yes’ to the marriage or say ‘no’. I have become the big question of my life which is going to change my life forever.

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