my first date

My name is Rajeev (Changed Name ). I am of 25 years. I want to share an incident linked to my life which left deep impression on my life & which I can never forget. At that time I was in B.SC 3rd year. I made friendship with a girl. She too had started liking me. Actually she had said ‘no’ to my proposal when I had proposed her for the first time. After much time& efforts, I was able to win her. I invited her for the first time to meet me. She already had told me that it is going to be our first & last meeting as she had no idea of continuing the friendship with any one as her family was too strict regarding all these matters. Some how I made her to meet me at a place so that I could express my feelings to her & know about her feelings also about me. Our conversation went on like this-

Me :- Hello

She :- Hye

Me :- I have too many things in my mind to share with you. But now I am not finding any word by which I could express my feelings ( as I was overjoyed to meet her for the first time & was feeling fully confused)

She :- Same here.

Me :- Come close to me ( As her voice was not audible to me because she was sitting on some distance)

She :- ( Comes closer) How are you?

Me :- Absolutely fine. At last you came to meet me after so much time.

She :- Yes. Why were you pressing me again & again for coming to meet you. Is there any thing in your mind which you want to discuss with me.

Me :- I have some speacial feeling in my heart for you. You are not only a friend to me.

She :- What does it mean? I am not understanding what you are saying.

Me:- It means you have some speacial place in my life which I could never like to give to anybody.

She:- ( hesitatingly) really.

Me :- Now I want to say you some words which are told by a hero to a heroine and those are three in no.

She :- No, I do not like this ( starts guessing)

Me :- Jai Mata Di

She :- ‘O’ I thought something else.

Me :- what did you think

She:- I thought you want to say me ‘ I love you’

Me :- ( We started laughing) you thought completely wrong. ( said this to tease her)

Then I showed my & my family photographs to her & she took interest in them.

She :- you are looking like a jocker in this photograph.

Me :- I know I am a jocker that is why I liked you.

She :- my parents are too strict. If they see me here they would never allow me to come out of the house.

Me :- O.K. Baba. Leave abent that all.

She:- I will not be able to meet you after it because my parents are going to marry me soon with a boy of their choice.

Me :- do you have not your own likings?
How can you bow before what you do not want.

She :- It happens and I have to do it.
( After that we departed for ever)

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