My love and my luck

My name is John (Changed Name) . I am of 26 years old. I do not have any brother and sister. I do not have even parents. I live with my relatives. I am not good in studies. I always passed my classes with passing marks. From the very beginning I always a desired a friend with whom I could share my feelings but I did not get any. As I grew up, my direction changed toward girls and thought of having friendship with girl. But I did not get any one. When I was in second semester a girl took admission in my class whose name was Kate (Changed Name).

She was perfectly beautiful girl without pride on her beauty. I had seen first time such a beautiful girl without feeling of pride in the last of the session a competition took place in our college competition’s name was ‘Beauty with Intelligence’. In this competition many girls took part. The girl who had the qualities of both head and beauty was to be chosen as ‘Beauty with Intelligence. Kate was the most beautiful in our class and she was good in studies also. She was chosen as ‘Beauty with Intelligence in the third semester, I proposed Kate’s friend actually through her I wanted to know about Kate I was of the view that Kate would never get ready for friendship with me.

But her friend refused my proposal and told me that Kate like you neither I was surprised to know about this all. I was very happy on that day. So I developed friendship with Kate. Our friendship was very formal. We did not go any where for date and did not even talk on phone. We called each other just for emergency as Kate was very shy girl. I did not ever asked her to go on a date because I was of the view that she may leave my friendship if I say her so.

When we were in the forth semester projects were assigned to the students of our class by our class in charge in that project any two students were supposed to participate together. Kate agreed for taking the project and told our class in charge that she could like to complete the task of project along with me. I was slow in studies but Kate was intelligent. Everybody started talking to each other by saying that Kate would not be able accomplish the project with my partnership. But her decision was final.

I did not do any thing for completing the project. She alone did everything I offered my help to her but she said that there is no need and she can do it herself she submitted the project was announced my and Kate’s name was declared. Kate was very happy as her hard work was successful but I was getting praise without doing any hard work from that day I started feeling that Kate is my luck. When she reached at the marriageable age, I proposed her she belonged to very high family, so her parents were not getting ready for my marriage with her and one day her father beat me on the road also for curing her daughter. He was of the view that I was just after the money of Kate as she was the single child of the family. But this was not the case I was truly in love with Kate. Somehow, her father got ready for Kate’s marriage with me because of the stubbornness of Kate and both of us got married. Now I living happily with Kate and feel myself very lucky. I have very beautiful and intelligent wife.

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