This is about two teenagers ,  4 years ago when father of girl got transferred in Jammu ,she joined her new school .She was new to the school in class 11th , so many guys approached her but  a boy named Rahul who was really cute was liked by her. Boy also approached her but meanwhile she got to hear bad reviews about the boy from other girls which was not actually the truth, but the girl was convinced by their talks.and when the boy proposed her in front of everyone in school bus , she behaved very rudely.
After that 1 year passed after exams the guy sent her the friend request the girl accepted then they became friends and even very good friends with time. They started spending time together and the girl had the feelings for boy now  and one day roaming in the bike the guy proposed her. she accepted and the relationship being and from that day the love is in the air but due to army background the girl’s father got transferred and they shifted in Delhi. Now they are in long distance relationship and That girl is me .I just want to say I really love you…ll love you forever …your(mini)

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