my painful love story

I am the student of :P. in …… college. I belong to a poor family. I am intelligent in studies. I have stared liking a girl of my class. She also likes me. But that girl belongs to the high class family. As I belong to the poor class family, I often feel ashamed of when she talks with me. She even wants to get married with me. But, I know as I am off hand and studying, I will n’t be able to meet her needs and could n’t keep her happy as my family is not rich. I am sure that her family members would never accept me as their son in law as they would like to get their daughter married to a high class guy. My study often suffers when I start thinking about this matter. My performance in the class has also decreased. At times, think of breaking all the relationships with her out of frustration. But on the same time, I think, what is her fault in it if she is rich & I am poor. Should I discontinue my friendship?

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