One mistake destroyed my life

My name is Poonam (Changed name ). I was living in small village. I was doing Bachelors of Arts. I met one boy when I was graduation. His name was sanjay (Changed Name ) . We both were in affair. We generally talked to each other at free time. We spent a long time together. We have many photos that we clicked to make it as the memory.
As the time passed my Parents starting looking out a guy for me. I told him to marry but he refused. He said now he cannot marry as due to his some personal reasons. One day I was thinking that why sanjay do not want to marry me? I talked to him one day. Our conversation was:-
I said:-Hi sanjay! How are you?
Sanjay replied: – Hi Poonam! Iam good and what about you? How are you doing?
I told: – You know why I came here?
He said: – See Poonam, I cannot marry now. Ok?
I said:-then what about the time, we spent with each other. Our letters we wrote to each other. See all these. Atleast tell me the reason.
He answered: – I do not want to give any reason. You please go.
I was full of anger and came from there.
My Parents searched a guy for me. He was very good, well mannered and financially sound.
I married to him. He is of very jolly person and deals my family as his family.
One day I was coming to my Parents home. I was travelling in a bus and in a bus I met Sanjay. It was an unbelievable that I saw him in a bus. He talked to me like:-
He said: – Hi poonam. How are you? You got married?
I answered: – (I do not want to talk to you.) but he forced me to talk. I replied Iam very good.
He said: – How can you be good? You cannot be fine. I will come to your home and say all truth that you were in affair with me.
I was shocked, what he was saying?
I replied: – are you mad. I loved you and you are doing this in return to me. It was your decision to not marry me and not mine.
He said: – Yeah I know. But still dear I will do this.
I asked:-But why?
He said , give me 2 lakhs rupees and I will not do this.
I understood, what type of he is? It was my mistake to like him.
I gave him my all jewelry that I had.
I was very sad and I reached my Parents home. I was thinking that what will I say to my husband when he would ask me?
My Parents were asking me that what happened to me. Are you not happy with your husband? But what could I answer as my husband was too nice.
I said nothing and told I’m fine and I’m very happy. I have no problem.
Next day I told to my Mom- Dad that today I have to be back. They said ok. “We know that you are married now and have many responsibilities.
I came back to my husband. He saw that there is no necklace, no ear rings in my ears, and no ring in my fingers. I told him that during traveling I had gone through an accident, some robbers came and rob out my jewelry.
I was worried what he will say me?
He answered: – so what! It is jewellery and we will get it again. It is enough that you reached home safely.
I was looking at him that how great he is?
I never expected that he will not say me anything. I thought he and his family would scold me a lot.
But nothing happened. All supported me.
But the thing is not finished here as sanjay is blackmailing me for more money. What should I do and how can I get rid of him? I do not know.

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