One sided love story

My name is shina (Changed Name) . I am from Chandigarh. I am of twenty years old doing M.B.A. I have one sister who is married and is well settled in abroad. My father is an engineer who spends most of his time in other countries because of his job. My mother is a house wife. One day, I decided to do the Swot analysis of myself. Swot analysis is related to analyzing one’s strengths weaknesses, opportunity and threat. So, I started asking everyone about myself. Once I met a guy who was taking coaching classes from an institution where I used to go. After some days, since he joined that institution, I asked him about my strengths and weaknesses. My means was that what type of girl am I for him.

After that, he started thinking that I am interested in him. But that was not the case. Rather I was interested in Swot analysis. He started sitting beside me in the institute. He started taking care of me than anyone else. Whenever I was in need of help, he never stayed a side and tried to help me. I had never guessed that he has started loving me after that. One day, he called me on the phone and said that he wants to meet me. I told him that I am busy today so will meet him on some another day. But he did not agree and started insisting me for meeting him. So, I decided to meet him on the appointed place. He was holding flowers in his hands. When I came near him, he handed over me the bouquet of flowers and proposed me for friendship. As I had not any sort of feeling for him, so I rejected his proposal. He went back from that place by saying that he would do everything for making me ready for the friendship.

On the very next day, when I went in to the coaching centre, he did not talk to anyone and neither me. As he was very jolly in the very beginning. He changed himself completely. One day, I came near him as his condition was unbearable and told him for making friendship with some another girl. But he told me that he can not do friendship with any other girl except me. Sometimes, I feel myself guilty for not accepting his proposal but how can I accept his desire as I am not at all interested in him and has already one boy friend who is very loving and caring to me. I can not think of making friendship with any one else by leaving him. Please guys, suggest me what should I do for making him understand that his love is completely one sided. He also knows that I already have boy friend but it does not have any impact on him. He just wants me at any cost.


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