Pain of Separation – Ture Love Story

My name is Radha (Changed Name ) . I am from Goa. I have completed my post graduation in English from J.N.U. Delhi; I always got good marks in studies. I am the single child of my family. My father is an army officer and mother is doing job in an army school. I have much property on my credit. My parents are everything for me. I too love them a lot. They never said ‘no’ to any of my demand. When I was in university for doing post graduation. I used to come in the home at week ends.

When our exams were over, I went in the home for staying permanently as my post graduation course was over one day it was evening and I was watching television. Suddenly the television got some problem due to cable connection. As that was my favorite programmed going on, on the T.V, I called my father for doing sometime so that I could be able to watch the television. My father said the cable has been disconnected there was a boy living near by our home who was involved in the business of cable connections. He was living as paying guest near by our home. My father told me that he is going to call him and he would repair it after five minutes that guy came with my father. He was young smart looking guy. When I saw him for the first time, I felt in love with him.

This had never happened to me earlier in my life. My heart beat increased while seen such handsome boy in my whole life period. After repairing the cable he was about to leave our home, I went out to see of him. When he was about to go out from the gate, he paid a smile and without thinking anything I too smiled. I do not know what was in him which was drawing me toward him. After that he started coming in our home too often because he used to pull the cable of our home himself and our television used to stop receiving signal and my parents always took his help for the repair of the cable T.V. he used to do this all just to meet me. My family started liking him because he never said ‘no’ to any of the work assigned by my family to him. He had made good image in my family. One day my parents were not in the home. I pulled the cable and our T.V. stopped receiving signal. I called him for repairing it. At that time he told me that he used to do this all because he love to see her. I was surprised to know that all but my eyes got lowered due to shyness. After that he wanted me to tell the phone number so that he could talk with me on phone. As I too wanted to keep in touch with him, so I gave him my number after that we started calling each other. He loves me a lot and says that he would never get married to any of the girl except me. But how can I say it to my parents because I know that they would not get ready for my marriage with him as he is very poor and is involved in the job of repairing .

My father wants me to go to America for pursuing P.H.D. discussing this thing with them. My parents want me to settle in America as all of our relatives are there. As there is very little of hope of my marriage with him. I have to separate from him for the ambitions of my family although I am not at all willing to do so. I think this is written in my fate. Suggest me if I should be the obedient child of my parents or think of performing marriage with that guy going against my parents wishes.

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