Please Advise me – Love Story

Hey Friends . My name is Ankit (Changed Name). I am studying in a college. I am in love with a girl there. She is very innocent and decent. She is with me right from eleventh and now. I am in final year. She is extra ordinarily beautiful and intelligent. We are in relationship from five years. We daily call each other when we are at home. Even during the college timing, we spent most of the time together. She has never tried to hide anything from me. She always supports me in every critical situation. Her lovely smile and attractive figure always attract me I can not think of living always attract me. I can not think of living without her. Only two months are left and after that I will complete graduation.

My parents have decided to send me to abroad for higher studies. They have completed all the formalities for that. Although they are thinking good for me but this will take me away from my girl friend and which I do not want at all. I can not continue my study without her because she is the only person who supports me in studies also. Guys! I want to stay in India and continue here my studies but my parents are not ready to listen anything about staying in India. I am in much confusion and am at a loss to know what to do. Please advise me with your valuable suggestions.

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