Problem in Studies – confession by boy

Admin plzz post this one…I just finished my 12th standard and I am about to give CET entrance exam the thing is that I know I will get fail this 12th standard because I have written nothing and my family are expecting 80% i also thought of killing myself but…because of my mom i stopped because she have lost a child I mean my elder sister and I don’t want to give her more pain by killing myself and I also don’t have any talent like nothing my mom had not sent me any sports classes or drawing class she thought I will get spoil and I don’t have anyone to guide me or support me my father don’t live here and I can’t share this with my mom and family ….the reason I will fail is bcoz I was not interested in science but my family forced me to do so they told me u will get less salary and then how will u take care of your mom etc. I need a solution from you guys plz answer what to do? plz

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