relation with friends sister

My name is Anuraag (Changed Name ). I am from Jhansi. I am doing B.Tech now. I have a friend whose name is Rajan. He lives near by my house. We both are childhood friends. We have family relations also. He shares everything linked to his life with me and I too. One year ago, I went into his home and saw his sister. She was looking extremely beautiful. I had gone in his home to ask about him (Rajan Changed Name ) as we had not met for a month. From her appearance, she was looking quite innocent in red colored shirt and blue colored jeans. She had just taken bath and her hair were uncombed.

I do not know how I felt that she is interested in me. I could not resist myself after seeing such a beautiful girl. I proposed her and wonderfully enough she accepted my proposal on the spot and took me in her drawing room she hold my hand over there kissed on it and told without any hesitation that she too was interested in me but she had not the courage to propose me as she had belief that initiative must be alone by boy’s first.

She expressed her deep desires to me by saying that she can not live without me and can not accept any other person as partner except you. After that we started calling to each other on daily basis. Not even a single day passed when she did not call me. I too have deeply involved in her. Whenever I sit down to study books, her innocent face comes in front of my eyes. I have never experienced these type of feelings in the whole of my life. But on the same time, I feel that what would happen if my friend, comes to know about it and what my family and her family would think about me when they come to know about it.

Sometimes I think of breaking this relationship as I always speak lie to my friend rajan. Whenever her sister call me on phone and I attend that he asks me why do I not attend the call in his presence although it is his girl friend’s call. He always want to talk to my girl friend but how can I let her talk to her sister I am in complete dilemma

Aditi (my girl friend , Changed name) and I often meet in the restaurants. As she always expresses her desire to see me and I can never say ‘no’. we talk for hours to each other. One day she had called me in her home also as her whole family had gone to attend a marriage party during night. On that very night, I had relations with her. Since then I belong that I think that I have committed a sin by betraying my friend (Rajan) in such a way. I want to accept Aditi as my life partner because our relation is not just limited to friendship only. But how can I say about it to her family and how rajan would react if she comes to know about as our castes are completely different.

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