Single misunderstanding can break friendship

It’s me and my friend jiya’s (Changed Name ) story. My name is Sonia (Changed Name ). We were best friends and we are staying at hostel doing MBA. We were sharing same room. We talked a lot and spent time together. My friend jiya had habbit to sleep late at night, she watched movies and sometimes talk at phone. Our batches are changed during second semester. She got many friends in that batch. Now she got busy with her new friends. . I wanted us to get together always. One day she came to my class and asked me to go to canteen.
She told me:- hi Sonia.
I answered- hi jiya.
Sonia: – Hey, I know you have forgotten me.
I: – Ha-ha.. Good way to save yourself.
Sonia: – Sorry Yar… But I miss you a lot. We will talk to head of department to change your or mine class. We will study in same class.
I said: – ok with smile. We both got happy.
I was sad that Sonia forgot me as I had not much friends and I was not talkative girl. I had only a good friend who was jiya.
One day jiya told me about her boy friend,
I asked: Who is that special one jiya?
Jiya:- He is my classmate Rahul (Changed Name ).
I said: – Oh great Yar. It’s nice. I don’t know about that guy. How’s he?
Jiya:- He is too good.
I said: -nice.
At that time jiya had starting spending much time with Rahul.
I told myself… “Sonia you take care of your studies. Now give place to books instead of jiya”.
I was happy as I knew jiya want to spend time with his boy friend.
It’s more necessary.
In evening I went with one of my other roommate , outside at canteen. Her name was Priyanka (Changed Name_ .
Priyanka and I used to spend time together. Priya and I went in some parties but jiya was always busy with his boyfriend Rahul.
I asked her to go outside but she refused to go and always spent time at phone.
We generally talked to each other when we coincidently met each other, in class brakes, when we go in mess for lunch. We used to talk each other.
Oneday,what I saw jiya was totally ignoring me and not talking to me. She was talking to her friends who were standing next to me but not to me. I was thinking what has happened to her? Why she is not talking to me?
I asked her: – Hey jiya? What happened?
Jiya answered nothing and changed her room even.
I discussed it with priyanka that jiya is not talking to me.
Priyanka answered: – see Sonia. She is just a selfish girl.
I answered: – see priyanka.. you are my friend but she is my old friend and my best friend. Please don’t say anything about her like this.
One day somebody told me at my class, that jiya got break up with his boyfriend.
I was shocked as I didn’t know this as jiya was not talking to me.
One day jiya messaged me:- Sonia you did well, you made new friend who is my enemy.
I did not understand what she was saying.
I came to know from one of my friends that she was talking about priyanka. My batchmate told me that priyaka is Rahul’s new girl friend.
I didn’t know this and I talked jiya to clear that I don’t know about Priyanka and rahul.
I just go with her but never know she is also Rahul’s girl friend.
Jiya told me:- Please don’t talk to me. I don’t want to see you or priyanka.
She never believed me till now that I did not know about priyanka and Rahul’s affair.

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