Social Standard – love story

My name is Anish. I am from Amritsr. I study in class XII in a school. I am in love with a girl of my class who is the daughter of a colonol. She belongs to an extremely rich family. She always come in car in school with her driver. I think she has two personal cars and there are three other cars in her home. She is extremely beautiful. When ever she is in front of my eyes. I fell myself at the 7th world. Where as the economic condition of my family is not that much sound. I belong to a middle class family. My family does not afford to buy a car for me although I do have strong desire to have a car. My father is a farmer.

One day she started discussing with me about the syllabus as she was new in the class. She talked to me too politely. Firstly I thought about her that she might be very proudy because she belongs to Hi-Fi family. But my opinion changed regarding her when she talked to me too politely. I helped as much as I could regarding studies. In my heart of hearts I had started feeling that she is interested in me. One day, she wrote on my notebook her feelings which she was experiency about me. She had taken that notebook at him. Next day, she handed over that notebook to me. There was an extra page in it. When I started reading it, I felt myself extremely lucky and happy as it was clear from that page that she had started liking me. I passed to her my phone no. She too send me her personal no. We started talking to each other on phone at late hours during night. So we often got late for school in the morning of the next day. I thought that she might discontinue the friendship if she came to know about my family status.

So I did not disclose to her the real economic condition of my family. I told her falsely that my father is an enginer & I have a lot of property on my credit. She felt happy listening it. Now she presses me again and again for meeting my family. As I have told lie to her how could I take her to my home. I have met her parents. Her parents. Her parents are too very humble. But they would feel very bad if they come to know that I had told lie to their daughter about my family status. Now I always think what would happen if she comes to know about the real economic condition of my family. I fear if she discontinue the friendship after knowing my family status. I starts making lame excuses when she tells me that she want to meet my family. I am in great confusion. Please suggest me the way which could solve out this problem and save my friendship also.

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