Student-Teacher relationship


Student life is the best life which everyone wants to live and enjoy. It is that stage of life when everything we can do and one can easily modify the life according to the comfortability. Everyone is not as lucky as to attend the school and colleges.

One day me and my friends in the free lecture was sitting in the garden and playing truth and dare and also gossiping. Suddenly we realized that free lecture over I decided to attend the lecture but my all friends wanted to bunk that lecture. They bunked the lecture but I took one of my friend with me and asked him to attend the lecture. He agreed to attend the lecture and we both went to the class.

There we decided that after the attendance we will ran away from the class. I also agreed to do that. We did the same we both sat in the bench which was near the door. When the attendance was over he opened the door and we ran away but unfortunately I closed the door with great power and sir noticed that we were running away from the class.

Although I ran away from the class but I was not happy at all. I felt pity on me that what I did was wrong as I was insulting the teacher by doing this. That time I promised myself that I will say sorry to him. But when I came next morning in the college I heard from someone that the sir was on the leave for 3 days and after 3 days when he came to the college I personally met with him in the staff room and apologized him for what I did. He accepted my apology and I promised him not to repeat that mistake again. But I think whole my life I will feel guilty for what I did because it is also comes under insulting the teacher.

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