superstitions – moral story

Superstitions are beliefs that do not have any logical basis. It is a belief that has no basis in reason. It is born out of ‘Fear’ and ‘Ignorance.’

The word literally means ‘standing over’ – standing still at a thing in fear and awe.

Superstition is a thing of darkness; it cannot stand light.yet people allow superstitions to govern their lives.

When a black cat crosses the way, a person hesitates to go along his way as there is a strong prevalent belief that such an omen spells failure of the mission. The task shall remain unaccomplished.

Most people believe Tuesday to be inauspicious day for having a hair- cut. Barbers keep their saloons closed on this day in order to avoid lean business, for they are compelled to give into their client’s superstition.

Many people do not like to cross a path under the ladder. New clothes should be worn on Wednesday only. Journey to a particular direction should not be undertaken on certain days. For eastward journey Monday and Saturday, for westward Sunday and Friday for southward Thursday and for north Tuesday and Wednesday are avoided by superstitious people.

A sneeze- most natural function of human body is considered an ill – omen on certain occasions by some people.

What logical basis can there be for all these things? Why should certain days in the week be good for starting a journey and others bad? Numerous superstitions bog down the minds of people. Instead of finding out the scientific cause behind an event, people make out various supernatural reasons for its occurrence. Even natural phenomena are clouded by superstitions. This at a
time when man has already landed on the moon. The human mind has its weakness. It is much wiser to try and overcome them by reasoning, rather than accepting such weaknss without thinking.

To let superstitions dictate your thoughts and actions is to live in perpectual fear.

It is sad to see even the educated people are not free from them. They fall back on superstitiou explanations of things.chidren who are born with a free mind are also influenced in the long run when they observe their parents and neighbours believing in such superstitions. One should not fall victim to such irrationality. Remember superstition is a child of ignorance.

As knowledge increases, superstition decreases. Science which has discovered the real forces of nature has discovered the real forces of nature has banished the old bogies of superstition – demon, ghosts and all the creations of fear and ignorance which once made men afraid. But superstition dies slowly and even today silly bits of superstition still linger.

There are some people who consult fortune tellers or think the number thirteen unlucky. Consider how much more you are likely to achieve by believing that you will do better if you work harder than to believe that Friday, the 13th is unlucky and therefore, you should do nothing on that day. Learn to see reason behind everything.

In religion, superstition means irrational fear of mysterious and reverence for objects that are no proper objects of worship. In the early civilization people had no scientific knowledge of what we call the forces of nature. They believed and still certain people think that the sun and the moon, fire, wind and water are governed by supernatural beings who sometimes seem kind, but more often terrible and cruel. These they fear and worship and try to propitiate them with offerings, sacrifies and senseless rites. And their imagination peoples the universe with imaginary beings such as demons, ghosts, spirits – good and bad.

A tree is judged by its fruits and the fruits of superstions are all evil. It has been responsible for a vast amount of cruelty, misery and madness. In old times man offerd human sacrifies to appease imaginary gods. In the Middle Ages of history, the belief in witchcraft led to the persecution of poor old woman who were believed to be agents of Devil.

Even in our present times some tribals in remote areas practise witchcraft. Stray reports in newspapers confirm this.

Superstition can make people act in a very irrational manner. Even in civilized countries superstitions produces narrowminded bigotry and needless mental suffering. Do not let your thinking be influenced by any baseless belief.

The child taught to believe any occurrence asgood or evil omen or any day of the week to be lucky, hath a wide inroad made upon the soundness of his understanding. Always be liberal because liberal minds are open to conviction and improvement.

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